10 Februar 2018

This Viral Video Flattenes The Globe Forever ► Undeniable Proofs | Earth Is Flat

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We must have been crazy to believe to live on a spinning ball in space. Like sub and share thanks! feat. Ephesians 6:12: Best Flat Earth PROOF # 11 https://youtu.be/-TVUr5cS12E yoicenet2: Sendeanlage Billwerder-Moorfleet: Horizont immer auf Augenhöhe https://youtu.be/ZiCuTOuMT0c How to prove flat earth to anyone under 3 Minutes https://youtu.be/PjVZ4B7JADI drone footage by wolfie (I will add the link to your video when I find it again) This Viral Video Flattens The Globe This Viral Video Flattens The Globe forerver Music: Crazy (Gnarls Barkley Cover) - Ray Lamontagne https://youtu.be/6mEfDSP4g_U

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