30 Mai 2015

Frankreichs Rechte fordert genauso wie England Volksabstimmung über den Verbleib Frankreichs in der Satanistenorganisation EU

Frankreich entdeckt den rechten Weg
Von rechts kommt die Freiheit
Innerhalb der demokratiefeindlichen EU Volksabstimmung zu fordern ist als erwarte man im Bordell von den Nutten Keuschheit.

French far-right calls for EU referendum

France’s far-right National Front party has called for an in/out referendum on the EU at the same time as the UK holds its vote.
Florian Philippot, an MEP and the party’s deputy head, wrote on Thursday (28 May) that president Francois Hollande should “follow the British example” and “follow the calendar outlined by our neighbours across The Channel”.
“The time has come to ask everybody in Europe Yes or No – if they want sovereignty to decide on their own future”.

France’s National Front Party Joins UK In Call For EU In/Out Referendum


“Fuck the EU! – Exactly!” – Victoria Nuland & Geoffrey Pyatt 


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