04 Februar 2013

Super Mega Death Spray 2013


The Super mega death Sprayers continue on their relentless attempts to block out the light....in this video you will see several Death Sprayers releasing serious amounts of shit into the sky. There is also a clip of the 'Living Haze' and the final clip is the living haze going in all directions, not a pretty sight.

All thanks go to Smish for finding this awesome tune,

And many thanks to all who are showing what's going on in their local sky.

For anyone who is a first time watcher of this footage, this is a world wide problem now, just go outside and try and see the sun, bet ya its covered by a haze, if your lucky enough to not have the thick gray blanket over head....

Do you remember the skies when you where young? How long did the summer last?

Keep on keeping on them folks, much love and respect to all for sharing your experiences..

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